Fledgling Tarot Nights

Fledgling Nights

This evening will consist of 1-2-1 readings and feedback, this is great for demonstrating the way readers can all pick up on a matter yet with various different perspectives, much like ordinary life, this gives you the confirmation needed to help improve your confidence in your readings.

At past evenings there has always been a really positive energy, with the readers and the sitters having a great time and getting so much out of the evenings.

If you are unsure whether you are ready speak to me, the worst thing you can do is push yourself before you are ready as this can undermine your confidence.

If you feel you still need more practice & confidence before taking this step then I would recommend you take my Tarot Practice Workshop where you can get familiar with various layouts and get lots of practice working with the other delegates, by the end of this workshop you should be a lot more comfortable with the cards and ready to move to the next level.

Aimed at those who’ve taken my tarot course or who have basic knowledge of the tarot & feel ready to read for the public. An evening of private 1-2-1 readings with various people I have hand selected. If you are unsure please speak to me. Course investment £30 each. There are only 10 places available so please book promptly.

Contact me with any queries.