Meet Your Spirit Guides

Knowing who our Spirit Guides are is an essential part of being able to work psychically & spiritually, this workshop is perfect for you if you are new or relatively new to the psychic world.

During the workshop we will work with various meditation techniques to improve your meditating, the core of all spiritual work, we will also look at different methods of connecting to your Guides both human and animal.

By meeting your team of Guides you will know which Guide has which job, we all have them, we are just not all aware of them. Sometimes you may feel a presence but have no idea who or what you are feeling around you.

This workshop is heavily practical based so be prepared to work.

If you have any queries about the workshop please call me before booking.

Guide Ascending

Additional Info

You will be given hand outs where applicable but this is a very practical based workshop so expect to be working for most of the day.

Please bring lunch, there are a few shops nearby & Sainsbury’s is 5-10 minutes in the car.


Course Info

Physical Workshop: The course will run from 10am to 4pm, please arrive by 9.45am for tea and coffee and to register. We will start promptly at 10am.

Course investment: £50

Webinar Workshop available on the website to buy as a pre-recorded workshop.