Tracy’s Intuitive Tarot Guide

Tracy’s Intuitive Tarot Guide


This is my guide to learning the tarot, if like me you struggle with the amount of information needed to read the tarot you’ll love this simple, easy to use PDF guide.

Good luck on your journey.

Many people find tarot too complex to master, there is so much to learn about each card, I found the same thing when I wanted to learn how to read the tarot, so I devised a way to master it quickly but still give great readings, those of you who’ve had readings with me know how I read so you can see that it works.

This Tarot Guide will give you the distilled information so it is easy to read, plus it encourages you to listen to your intuition as it feeds you information NOT in the book. I’ve never yet had a student who has not been able to read the tarot after using my guide.

I run tarot workshops in Whitstable, Kent if you wish to learn in person but this is not practical for many people so here you can purchase my Tarot Guide & learn in the comfort of your own home at your own pace. There is a webinar available too if you wish to watch some videos to help you master the cards.


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