We all have a Soul Purpose in life, whether we know what it is or not is immaterial. Lets us say that we know in this life we are here to learn respect for money & power and that in a previous incarnation we abused one or both of these and so agreed to incarnate to a life with a lack of wealth (we can still be abundant even without money), we can work hard and try many different avenues to manifest the wealth; Positive Thinking, Law of Attraction, NLP (Neuro linguistic programming) and so on with no avail, but is there a way to know when we have fulfilled our soul’s purpose?
I decided to ask my Guides and Higher Self for guidance on this one. I took 5 minutes to just sit quietly and asked ‘is it possible to know when we have fulfilled our Soul Purpose’ the answer came back ‘no, you must work it out for yourself; we will not let you know’. This seemed somewhat unfair so I asked ‘can I keep asking you so that you can tell me when I have fulfilled it’ and to this I got a resounding ‘yes’.
I decided to mull this over for a while before actually acting on the information given. One question sprang immediately to mind though and that was ‘how many people have fulfilled their soul’s purpose only to remain oblivious and so therefore keep dealing with the original challenge needlessly’? This seemed quite startling, I felt like I was on new territory as I’ve never read or heard about being able to fulfil your purpose thus being able to move on, other than with a Karmic debt which is different. Plenty to think about then!
I have always subscribed to the theory that our Soul Purpose was a lifetime issue and had never even thought about being free of it, if only I had a direct line to my Higher Self or Source who could answer this one for me. I feel like leaping in the air shouting Eureka!
I am also realising that Karma is another word for balance and is also just another term for soul contract, we don’t really get punished for past misdeeds but we do have to balance them out; if we cause pain we must bring love, if we refused to take responsibility we will have to have a life where we take the responsibility and act on it, this is what we agree to before we incarnate. We can of course invoke Freewill and not do it but we will still need to achieve the balance in a future life.