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  1. Tracy H17th December 2015 15:45

    Thank you so much Tracy, that sounds really positive thank goodness. 2015 has been very tough but I’ve felt like there’s a new breeze blowing in a different direction recently and was hoping next year would be special and it sounds like it will!

  2. Abby1st September 2015 18:21

    Thank you so much for my year ahead reading. It was extremely comforting and you seem to have really tuned into how I have been feeling and thinking – so well done! I am so relieved know that there’s light at what’s seems to have felt like a very long tunnel. So that fills me full of happiness and hope for a brighter future. You truly have a special gift!

  3. Tracy Fance26th August 2015 14:35

    I will not presume that you remember me, but you very kindly asked XXX to contact me regarding my home as it needed to be spiritually cleansed. During this period, XXXX have been very helpful and supportive and I have thanked them from “the bottom of my heart” for the help they give me. Today, I also thank you from “the bottom of my heart” for asking them to contact me. To say that they are lovely, kind people does not seem to be enough, but they are. In my penultimate reading with you, amongst other things, you told me I would be moving, and that the kitchen and bathroom required work. Well, I am moving tomorrow, and you are correct in what you said.

    Once again Tracy, many thanks for your help.


  4. Dee2nd April 2015 12:17

    Just want to say thank you very much for the past 2 readings in regards to a guy I like and another girl, so far everything you have said has actually happened. Your advice has been really helpful. Thank you 🙂 speak soon.

  5. Heather13th March 2015 07:55

    Many thanks for my reading and for doing it so quickly. I really enjoyed listening to it as it makes a lot of sense with my current situations and will be a great help to me.

    • Tracy Fance16th March 2015 08:34

      So pleased you got the guidance you needed. It’s hard when we are lost in the woods of life! x

  6. Melanie9th March 2015 09:26

    Hi Tracy
    Thank you so much for both of my readings you were spot on…..

  7. helen1st March 2015 07:44

    tracy has become part of my daily life, a friend during the uphill struggle of living. A positive thought, when worries persist, and a phoneline to the other side.

  8. Caroline3rd February 2015 09:48

    hi there. you requested some feed back for the readings here.
    you couldnt be more spot on with whats been happening with me. I am a virgo
    born 23rd august and it has told my story for the last couple of months and you
    are right – i will be resting up realising that i cannot do anymore to ease any burdens
    for myself, i have done enough……..

    • Tracy Fance3rd February 2015 12:44

      Thank you, I love what I do but it always nice to know you’ve made a difference somewhere too 🙂

  9. Vicki3rd February 2015 09:37

    “ I highly recommend using Tracy Fance for her clear and concise advice. She replies incredibly quickly with detailed and amazingly accurate information. I was impressed by how quickly Tracy got to the heart of my question and showed me a way through it which kept my options open. I’ve had readings from Tracy before and thankfully followed her advice and she’s always been spot on. She’s really encouraging and supportive, perfect to give you that extra push you might need or for some outside clarification on a problem. Well worth the money. Thank you!!!”

    • Tracy Fance3rd February 2015 12:45

      So glad to help, I love the fact that your reading gave you the confidence to go and find success!

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