Past Life Regression & Hypnotherapy


What is Hypnotherapy?

Hypnotherapy has been around since the 1800’s having been used for anesthetics, entertainment & for self development amongst other uses. Simply put, you as the recipient are taken to a relaxed state much like meditation or that moment before you go to sleep so that the therapist can talk to your mind in such a way that we can release old memories, let go of behaviour that no longer serves us & to bring about positive change. For those of a more spiritually inquisitive nature we can look at Past Life Regression where you are regressed to a previous life along with all its experiences & lessons with a view to clearing issues in this life or simply bringing insight on those past lives and any impact they may be having on your life now.

During hypnosis you are aware of your environment at all times so you are never out of control, just relaxed & passive.

My History

I qualified as a hypnotherapist back in 2005 after seeing Paul McKenna helping people using hypnosis. I also trained in NLP (neuro linguistic programming) with the creator Richard Bandler & Paul McKenna shortly after that. I’m also fascinated by past lives & past life regression so that was another driver in me qualifying as a hypnotherapist.

My sessions are a mix of NLP & hypnosis so I can be as effective as possible in helping clients.

What Can I Expect From a Session?

Different people have different needs as well as different results from their sessions but generally you will see an improvement if not total relief from the issue you are seeking help with, whether it be helping you to quit smoking, lose weight, be more confident in public speaking or your sports performance etc

How Many Sessions Will I Need?

As mentioned before, each client is different, you may find that 1 session is plenty or you may find you need a few, there is no wrong or right.

How Long is a Session?

You should allow between 45-60 minutes per session and I would recommend you wear comfortable, loose fitting clothing to ensure you are as relaxed as can be.

Call me to book on 01227 749759. Please read the terms & conditions before booking.