About Me

Great men are they who see that...

spiritual is stronger than any material force

…that thoughts rule the world. Ralph Waldo Emerson

Thank you so much for visiting my website

I am more than just a psychic, medium & tarot reader offering clairvoyant, mediumship & tarot readings.

I am also a qualified hypnotherapist & Master NLP Practitioner & Intuitive Coach.

I live & work in Herne Bay on the east Kent coast of England, I also travel around the UK doing eventsworkshops, and talks. For those near me in Kent I offer private readings at my home in Herne Bay, however with modern technology I can read for anyone, anywhere in the world so I offer Zoom/Phone psychic readings as well as MP4 Audio email psychic readings.

Life often throws us curveballs, obstacles can appear in our lives which prevent us from doing what we want, bein the person we wish to be or having the life we desire, as an Intuitive Coach, Hypnotherapist & NLP Master Practitioner, I can help you to resolve any of those. So whatever your issue, book a free call to discuss it. Find out more about my coaching here.

If you are curious and want to look at your past lives I can do that for you too, maybe you were on the Titanic or a servant in a big house, maybe you were Elvis Presley! Find out a bit more here.

A Bit more about what I do…..

I have a mailing list that you can join, here you will receive any special offers, hear about new products or services, find out about upcoming events & workshops. Please do browse the website and contact me with any queries.

I am also working on some new courses & workshops, so watch this space!

Find Out More...

Tracy Fance Clairvoyant Medium

Who Am I?

I am an ordinary person just like you; however, I can also see where life is going, communicate with your loved ones who have passed away & even see your past lives too on occasion. My readings are a blend of all my skills and senses, however if you do not want contact with lost loved ones I can ask them to step back so we can focus on the issues around you now and the future.
People refer to me as many things; psychic, clairvoyant, tarot reader, medium, lightworker, sensitive, plus a few more things! But I tend to stick with Clairvoyant-Medium & tarot reader as they are terms that most people are familiar with and understand.
Away from work I am an avid reader, sometimes with half a dozen books on the go at any one time! I love cooking, even though I don’t get to do much of it, & I enjoy being with those I care about & living life to the full, after all Spirit do tell me we need to live life to the full whilst we can.

We live in a tough world and I am passionate about social injustice, human rights and generally doing my bit to make the world a better place, if we all do our bit it helps.

Like you I am still seeking answers to the world we live in and this is where my passion for past lives, reincarnation and gaining an understanding of the Universe are taking me right now, I’m happy to share what I know so feel free to ask me.


What I do

I can use the gifts I have to help bring you guidance on what is happening around you now, where life is likely to go (psychic readings are not set in stone, you have free will which affects the actual outcome) and of course I can connect with your loved ones so they can let you know they are OK or to bring you their thoughts on where you are.

I am not limited to readings though as I also offer Hypnosis & Past Life Regression where you will go back to one or more previous lives which can be for fun or really helpful with issues in this life.

Tarot is my passion so I also teach this to groups for fun and self development or for those that wish to look at it as a another income stream or new career. I can offer accreditation which means you will be a Qualified Tarot Reader, this makes it easier to get professional insurance plus will give you much more credibility in the industry and will demonstrate that you have the experience and confidence to read professionally.

If you are drawn to healing then maybe Reiki would be the next step for you to consider, as a Reiki Master I can teach you Usui Shiki Ryoho Reiki I & II  so you can start your practice & when you are ready I can bring you to Master level. Have a look at the dates for the upcoming classes for Reiki I, Reiki II & Master Reiki.

For those of you drawn to healing but not Usui Shiki Ryoho Reiki maybe you are drawn to Angel Reiki? Have a look at my Angel Reiki course and see what you think, or contact me with any queries. All courses can be paid for in instalments, simply contact me to arrange this.

You can see me working across Kent at Evenings of Clairvoyance as I bring loved ones back together. Add to this the other events & workshops I organise and you will see that I offer so much more than just readings!

Who Are My Clients?

 Many people come to me for any of the skills I can offer, however they all have a different need. Some people need guidance, some need confirmation they are on the right path or making the right choices and some have no idea why they are coming to me, they just know they have to have a reading, these can be revelatory. 

With my workshops, courses & classes it is more the fact that people are intrigued or want to grow spiritually. So if you know what you need then go ahead and contact me so we can work together if you don’t know then contact me so I can direct you then we can work together.

Many people come to me on the strength of a recommendation from friends or family which is great and is probably the best way to find what you need in life. If you have found me on the internet and feel drawn to work together that is fantastic too.

I have plenty of impartial testimonials you can check them out both on this site & the independent site Freeindex; whether it is good or bad I have left it to give you the balance needed to decide whether you wish to work together.
I truly believe people will go where they need to so if you do not feel drawn to work with me then it maybe either I am not the one to read for you or you are not ready yet. If this is the case browse my blog or the rest of my site as it may not be a reading you need but something else I can impart to you.

Let Me tell You My Story

I spent most of my teenage & adult years desperately searching for my purpose or what I was supposed to be doing with my life but to no avail. In the meantime I found myself in Estate Agency in Whitstable, Kent which then progressed to me being a Financial Adviser within Estate Agency & Banking. I enjoyed it but I had decided that it was time to leave the corporate setting which had served me so well and find a role that was more personal so I went to a local firm of advisers only to feel they were too unstructured in comparison to the corporate companies so the only way forward was to create my own company which I did for the next 10 years, with nobody being more surprised than me that I was actually a successful businesswoman!

I was still looking for my purpose though so things were not as settled as I’d like. In the meantime I was focused on developing my spiritual side which had really come to the fore when I moved to Herne Bay in 1996. Synchronicity (coincidences) lined up to get me to Herne Bay & keep me here. At this time there was a seminal book by James Redfield ‘The Celestine Prophecies’ doing the rounds & my local metaphysical shop was organising a book club to discuss it so I started to go along. All the lovely new people I’d met here were reading it & it really fired me up & reignited my passion for all things spiritual & psychic. Interestingly this book crossed my path recently & I tried to read it again only to find I could not get into it, it’s purpose done I no longer needed it.

After the book circle ended I found a couple of circles but they were not the right ones for me. In 2002 I heard about a circle in Whitstable at the church so I went along & as they say the rest is history! My mentor & friend Jill Larking held the circle & I still recommend her now as she is a great teacher. I spent years developing, delving into different subjects & aspects until I found where I needed to be.

In 2009 Spirit got bored with waiting for me to take their unsubtle hints so they made sure the recession affected my business & made me look elsewhere. At lunch with some friends one day in 2009 friends suggested I go work for the Tarot lines which did not really appeal as I always thought they were charlatans (sorry), however they bet I would not pursue it & we got on with other conversation. On returning home the postman had been and on the mat was a special introductory offer from the phone line company!!!! Well even I could see the synchronicity going on so I rang them, got an interview & got the job. Let me tell you it was a baptism of fire & I will never again think of the readers on the lines as charlatans, it was hard work, with people wanting inside leg measurement & blood type but it also gave me the insight into me & my gifts I needed so I eventually left the phone lines & worked for myself reading for people on a private basis. I also decided to organise my own events, workshops & more so Spirit had me on an apprenticeship all those years giving me confidence, business skills, communication skills & more, all of which I use now to help people like you.

There are some great resources out there if you are looking for answers, nobody has all the answers so be prepared to use various sources. My favourite is the Spirit Guides which covers the UK & there were plans to cover the USA too. Simply search by postcode or county to see what is on near you in the Spiritual field. There are hundreds of groups on Facebook which discuss the spiritual & esoteric but remember that your intuition is your best guide, nobody is an expert, this is just their view of a subject (that applies to me too) so listen or read, then digest and if it does not resonate, keep looking for answers.