Accessing The Akashic Records – 2 day course in Whitstable, Kent

Join this 2 day workshop on the Akashic Records in Whitstable, Kent.

There are many references to the Akashic Records dating back to the earliest advanced civilisations- Atlantis, Lemuria, Mu, Egypt & even the Old Testament of the Bible. The Akashic Records are also referred to as the ‘Book of Life’.

The Akashic Record is a spiritual dimension that acts as a repository for all the lives of each and every Soul, past & present along with all the potential lives yet to be lived in addition to those parallel lives we may not know exist or may never discover. Every thought, deed, & feeling that we ever have is registered here.
Book now for this workshop where you will learn all you need to access the records of yourself & others. For the full course info see the website & to book in using the booking system please use this link