AstroTarot Reading Sagittarius

AstroTarot Reading: Sagittarius

Sagittarius 22nd Nov to 21st Dec


AstroTarot Readings with me, Tracy Fance Clairvoyant-Medium; they are a combination of your astrological birth sign, the tarot plus my psychic insight to give you some guidance for the month ahead, I read very intuitively so if you read the tarot don’t worry if you get a different interpretation to me. It is free to receive & I’d love you to share it with anyone who you think would be interested. You can have it sent to your email inbox by signing up via my website where you can also choose a card each day to help you with an issue or to just give you guidance. For those interested in learning the tarot you can sign up to TarotTalk where we look a different card of the tarot each month.

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