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Street Cat Named Bob The Untold Story

This week I went to see the movie ‘A Street Cat Named Bob’, this story seemed to have stirred the nation when the video footage was on YouTube in 2011 & again with the book, why not go see the...
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Euthanasia & Soul Contracts

Euthanasia & Soul Contracts Euthanasia There are many articles written about suicide and what this means on a spiritual level with most people agreeing that there are spiritual implications of suicide, if we ended our life because it was too...
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Soul Mates & Twin Flames

I’m sure that you will have heard of Soul Mates and Twin Flames, these terms are bandied around by the spiritual community, psychics and phone readers alike, however I wonder if your knowledge is as full as it should be?...
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  • Prince: Ascension in 2016

Why So Many Are Returning Home in 2016

Why So Many Are Returning Home Many of us are asking the same questions right now: ‘what is going on, why are there so many famous people dying?’ These are questions which I have also been asking myself so I...
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Synchronicity and the reasoning out of random occurrences

Random events happen in an oft-repeated way that tends to startle us in a lot of variations. Systematically, we set forth our daily routine expecting nothing less than to execute a game plan and hope everything falls in their designated...
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