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Remembering Your Past Life: A Simple Guide

Remembering Your Past Life: A Simple Guide ” We’ve compiled a list of things to help you tap into your previous life in order for you to live your current life to the fullest and with much contentment, purpose, and reason.“...
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Book Review: There Is A River, The Story of Edgar Cayce

Book Review: ‘There is a River: The Story of Edgar Cayce’ by Thomas Sugrue I was recently bought this book as a birthday present & I have to say I thoroughly enjoyed it! Having read a couple of Edgar Cayce...
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Book Review: Atlantis by Edgar Cayce

Book Review: Edgar Cayce on Atlantis For those of you who have not heard of Edgar Cayce, here is a brief bio: he was an American psychic of much renown who was born in 1877 & passed away in 1945,...
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Reincarnation: Do We Look The Same in Each Life?

I am fascinated by reincarnation & past lives like many people are these days and I am intrigued by how much of our previous self we carry with us in terms of illnesses, health issues, facially and so on. I...
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