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Book Review: There Is A River, The Story of Edgar Cayce

Book Review: ‘There is a River: The Story of Edgar Cayce’ by Thomas Sugrue I was recently bought this book as a birthday present & I have to say I thoroughly enjoyed it! Having read a couple of Edgar Cayce...
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Book Review: Atlantis by Edgar Cayce

Book Review: Edgar Cayce on Atlantis For those of you who have not heard of Edgar Cayce, here is a brief bio: he was an American psychic of much renown who was born in 1877 & passed away in 1945,...
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Don’t Shoot The Messenger: Soul Plans & Soul Contracts

Soul Plans We have all chosen to incarnate on this planet in an attempt to grow both spiritually & emotionally. There is no other planet or dimension where this can be replicated so all souls wishing to have growth come...
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The Penny Drops: Your Souls Gift

I’ve just read: Your Soul’s Gift by Robert Schwartz So as some of you know I have been reading ‘Your Soul’s Gift’ by Robert Schwartz and I am finding it a wonderful tool, bringing me insight into my life and...
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Soul Contracts

My childhood pet Patch I am currently reading a book on the contracts we make with the people that we plan to share our incarnation with be they people, pets or Guides. It talks about the plans we make, why...
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Book Review: Atlantis by Diane Cooper & Shaaron Hutton

Book Review I have just read ‘Discover Atlantis’ by Diana Cooper & Shaaron Hutton which I must say I found surprisingly good, but not as surprising as the fact I created a whole new way of thinking about why we...
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Shirley Maclaine & Meditation

I’ve just read 3 of Shirley Maclaine’s books and I think the only one which inspired me, raised questions and really made an impact was ‘The Camino Way’. This wonderful book  is set in Spain on the pilgrims trail. I...
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