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Remembering Your Past Life: A Simple Guide

Remembering Your Past Life: A Simple Guide ” We’ve compiled a list of things to help you tap into your previous life in order for you to live your current life to the fullest and with much contentment, purpose, and reason.“...
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Street Cat Named Bob The Untold Story

This week I went to see the movie ‘A Street Cat Named Bob’, this story seemed to have stirred the nation when the video footage was on YouTube in 2011 & again with the book, why not go see the...
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Simply Tarot

I’m often asked what is the secret to learning the tarot & the answer is always ‘let your intuition guide you’; it really is as simple as that! Have a look at the card I have posted, what does it...
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Euthanasia & Soul Contracts

Euthanasia & Soul Contracts Euthanasia There are many articles written about suicide and what this means on a spiritual level with most people agreeing that there are spiritual implications of suicide, if we ended our life because it was too...
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The EU Referendum Video Reading

For those in the UK the 23rd June is an important date as we look to vote on whether to remain in the EU or to leave it, this will have huge implications for the rest of Europe and the...
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  • Prince: Ascension in 2016

Why So Many Are Returning Home in 2016

Why So Many Are Returning Home Many of us are asking the same questions right now: ‘what is going on, why are there so many famous people dying?’ These are questions which I have also been asking myself so I...
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Book Review: There Is A River, The Story of Edgar Cayce

Book Review: ‘There is a River: The Story of Edgar Cayce’ by Thomas Sugrue I was recently bought this book as a birthday present & I have to say I thoroughly enjoyed it! Having read a couple of Edgar Cayce...
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Mastering Tarot Layouts

Tarot & Layouts For those of you familiar with the Tarot, be it as a reader or as client layouts or spreads will be familiar, to those of you who’ve not had a Tarot or Oracle card reading you may...
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Book Review: Atlantis by Edgar Cayce

Book Review: Edgar Cayce on Atlantis For those of you who have not heard of Edgar Cayce, here is a brief bio: he was an American psychic of much renown who was born in 1877 & passed away in 1945,...
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